Monday, August 01, 2005

Signs I'm Getting Old

(1) Greying at the temples (been going on for a couple of years now).

(2) New glasses: progressive vision (i.e., gradual bifocals).

(3) I actually want one of the new Mustangs...

With reference to number 3, you have to understand: I've never wanted a sports car before, of any description. Sure, I've wanted nice cars, cars I couldn't afford, etc. But if I could pick any car? Probably some nice, mid-size luxury sedan, with good zip and handling, sure, but also a nice ride and plenty of comforts. Cars I actually buy? I tend to prefer smaller cars with nice sharp turning. If I ever had wanted a sports car, I would probably have been much more attracted to something like an MR2 or a Porsche. A big, "muscle car" type? Never. Went to high school in the late 1970's and never once wanted a Trans-Am. The Mustang isn't quite in that category, but it's not really in the small-zippy one either.

But...the new Mustangs are so cool...true to the classic Mustang spirit from the 1960's, but up-to-date, too. (And deliberately softened a bit for us middle-age types who are probably actually buying most of them.)

Yep...definitely getting old. *sigh* Mind you, if I had the money, I probably still would talk myself out of buying one, on the grounds of fuel economy alone. But...well, maybe if I had a real short commute anyway....

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